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How Leitrim Gaels overcame recruitment challenges and raised €115,000 through the Quid Game Event, powered by ClubSpot Events

Updated: Mar 5


Leitrim Gaels GAA, a close-knit community club based in Leitrim Village, recently enlisted the help of ClubSpot Events to produce their first large fundraising event in years, the Quid Game Fundraising Event. With goals of generating funds for their club and to help the Community Field Committee in their further enhancement of their facility in the village, Leitrim Gaels GAA experienced unique challenges as a smaller club. 


Leitrim Gaels GAA had clear objectives, while facing obstacles unique to their smaller size:

  • To overcome fears of holding a fundraiser of this size, and to generate essential funds for the progress of the club and facilities. 

  • Strengthening community ties through the event, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose within Leitrim Gaels.

  • Overcoming recruitment challenges due to and ensuring contestants remained motivated to fundraise.


Leitrim Gaels GAA enlisted ClubSpot Event's help to achieve its key objectives through the Quid Game Event. This included: 

  • Strategic Recruitment Planning: Leveraging ClubSpot Event’s expertise to overcome contestant recruitment challenges through strategic planning.

  • Continuous Contestant Engagement: ClubSpot Events continuously engaged with contestants, organised an online fundraising webinar and sent weekly tip to keep motivation high.

  • Personalised Support: ClubSpot Events contacted each contestant individually to offer assistance and advice, ensuring a personalised and supportive experience for all participants.

  • Online Fundraising Platform: Facilitated seamless and secure donations for each contestant through an advanced online fundraising platform.

  • Quid Game Event Playbook: Provided a comprehensive playbook outlining the entire event process, from day one of planning to the execution on the event day.

  • Graphic Design Expertise: Elevated promotional efforts with visually appealing graphic designs for tickets, posters, booklets, and promotional materials.

  • Event Night Management: Handled logistics on the night of the event, including games, stage management, videography, and execution of the event itinerary.


The Leitrim Gaels Quid Game Fundraising Event allowed the club to raise vital funds and achieve outlined key objectives:   

  • Financial Success: The fundraising event surpassed expectations, raising €115,000 in gross revenue (€75,000 net profit) from contestant donations, ticket sales and event sponsorship.

  • Exceeded Fundraising Targets: Over €30,000 was raised in just four days leading up to the event, despite the smaller number of contestants, which surpassed initial expectations and provided a significant financial boost for Leitrim Gaels GAA. 

  • Community Connection: The event strengthened Leitrim Gaels' connection with the community, demonstrating the power of collective effort in achieving shared goals.

  • Strong Local Business Support: Local businesses rallied behind the cause, contributing substantial sponsorships to support the event.

  • Outstanding Fundraising Efforts: Clubs and individual contestants demonstrated remarkable fundraising efforts, reflecting a collective dedication to the success of the event.

  • Unforgettable Experience for All: The event delivered a resounding success, providing a memorable and enjoyable night for contestants, audience members, and organisers alike.

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